Thurs. Field Days – Feb. 7th

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Quickbooks for the Small Farmer

With Marie Gibson
Thursday: 9am-5pm
Workshop Fee: $40 per person, includes lunch

Why could Quickbooks be the most valuable tool on your Farm or Ranch? Whether you do your own books or hire a bookkeeper, this workshop has the info you need to take charge of your accounting, your money and your books so your farm business can Grow. Not in tiny incremental steps, but in giant leaps and bounds. Make PROFIT your best bumper crop.

· Learn how to set up QuickBooks and use it to get the info you need to run your ag business profitably

· What is a Chart of Accounts, and what does it mean to me?

·  How to read a Profit and Loss report

·  How to read and understand Balance Sheets

·  Simplify your life by using banking integration to make data entry simpler

·  What do you need to track for tax purposes and tax deductions farmers should be aware of

Presenter: Marie Gibson Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a member of Intuit’s National Speaker and Writer Network. She is a professional educator, speaker and author with more than 25 years of business experience. She has degrees in animal science, renewable resources and business administration. Marie comes from a fifth-generation ranching family in Northern California.

Whole Animal Butchery – an immersive, hands-on butchering workshop

butchery at farm conference 2019

Thursday: 12pm-5pm
Workshop Fee: $75 per person, includes lunch.

Learn the delicious economy of meat. How to prepare your own meat and use all parts of the animal.

Presenter:  Gracie Schatz: Chef, Butcher, and Farmer with a goal to help others deepen their connection to their food.


AGTECH2019: Innovations in Technology for Small Ag

Hosted by the Nevada County Tech Connection.

Thursday: 2pm-5pm
Workshop Fee: $25

Bringing together farmers, software developers, funders, and others who are interested in learning about how technology can support local food and livestock production. Join us for a provocative and inspirational conversation about agriculture and technology and how it can benefit small farmers.




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