2020 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Vandana Shiva 

A Time magazine “Environmental Hero”, one of Forbes seven most powerful women on the globe, and internationally acclaimed author, Dr. Vandana Shiva is one of the world’s most dynamic and provocative thinkers on food sovereignty.  Trained as a quantum physicist, and with a lifetime of ecological activism, Dr. Vandana Shiva has spent the last 35 years applying her knowledge of non-separation and interconnectedness to help create healthier food and agriculture systems across the globe. Come hear her share practical knowledge from her decades of experience in seed saving and sustainable agriculture, as well as upcoming challenges and opportunities on the horizon for ecological farmers. Read more about Dr. Shiva.

Jim Gerrish

If you want to farm for environmental benefits and profits, Jim Gerrish will help you get the most out of your pastures by focusing on things you can control.  With more than 20 years of experience in beef-forage systems research, and 20-plus years raising cattle and sheep, Jim has dedicated his life the aiding farmers and ranchers more effectively manage their grazing lands for economic and environmental sustainability. Read more about Jim.

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser

At Singing Frogs Farm, Elizabeth and Paul have applied their unique backgrounds in farming, nutrition, public health and agroforestry to develop a highly intensive, no-till, ecological management system for their small but mighty vegetable farm and CSA. Learn how to adopt their techniques to bring tremendous benefit to your farm or garden’s soil, increasing yield and improving the natural ecology. The Kaisers grow over 100 different crops year-round on three acres, a third of which goes to their 130 member CSA and two-thirds to various farmers’ markets, restaurants and a local food hub. Read more about Paul and Elizabeth.


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