Start with Nothing, Then Don’t Quit: Building a Beef Market with Direct to Consumer, Subscriptions, and Wholesale

When Mica and Seth launched their Grass-fed beef operation in 2006 it was on a wing and a prayer with only their own hands and family to help make their dream fly.  Now, 16-years later, their family ranch is thriving by raising and selling 100% Pasture-raised, 100% Pasture-finished beef. Learn the nuances of how they developed their diversified markets, and the pros and cons of each.

Water: The Lifeblood of Agriculture

You’ve seen the bumper stickers “No Farms, No Food”, but have you ever seen one that says “No Water, No Farms”? As the climate changes and droughts become more frequent and persistent, it is vital to understand how the water ultility in our area will ensure farmers and ranchers have the water they need to produce food now and into the distant future. Join Nevada Irrigation District (NID) staff for a robust presentation covering the Plan for Water (a public collaboration process to determine the best ways to meet our community’s demand for water over the coming decades), an up-to-date water supply overview and drought regulations, and vegetation management in over 475 miles of irrigation canals. Q&A session with District management, water operations, conservation efficiency, and vegetation management staff will follow the presentation.

Flores y Felicidad

Cut flowers increase the amount of color, cheer, and comfort in the world. They can also increase the amount of farm sales and profits. Come learn from expert floriculturist, Javier Zamora, to gain key insights into designing, implementing, and running a profitable cut flower operation, including ways to keep making money even after the flowers are no longer fresh.