Helpful Tips from a Highly Productive High Altitude Farm

If grossing over six figures per acre on a 1.5 acre operation sounds like a fairy tale, come learn from Prema Farm co-owner/operator Zach Cannady, who has realized that dream for the past five growing seasons. Regeneratively growing 40+ varieties of vegetables, fruits, and flowers at 5200″ in a 90 day frost free growing season, these farmers have definitely earned the descriptors of tenacious and successful.

Working With USDA-NRCS to Help With Resource Concerns On Your Land

Join District Conservationist Pamela Hertzler, Agronomist Valerie Bullard, and Biologist Maddison Easley, for a lively workshop on cost-share support programs available for farmers and ranchers through the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).  The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides technical advising, system design, and cost-share reimbursements for high tunnels, hedgerows, irrigation systems, pasture-improvement, cross-fencing, and more!  Dive into the application process, annual deadlines, and get started on building a farm system that protects your most vital resources – soil and water.