Solutions for Small Meat Producers in CA: How to get meat from ranch to table

Join CCOF Senior Policy Research Specialist and facilitator of the CA Meat Processing Coalition for a conversation about existing and new legislation that dictates how small producers can legally sell meat direct-to-retail and customers.  Explore why bottlenecks exist and learn about innovative and future solutions that are in the works at the state level in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Resilient Agricultural Systems

Join Keynote Amélie Gaudin and post-doctoral researcher Vivian Wauters for a deep dive into resilient agricultural ecosystems and regenerative on-farm practices.

Nitrogen: Demystifying Management Decisions on your Organic Farm

Nitrogen, absolutely essential for plant growth, is often one of the more expensive and tricky inputs that farmers rely on. In this workshop, participants will learn how to estimate nitrogen release from diverse organic sources and translate that knowledge to nitrogen fertilization plans. Additionallly, participants will learn about the role of microbes and the relevance of soil organic matter, how to use soil tests, and how to monitor nitrogen year round.