Last Year’s Workshops

Here’s a sample of last year’s Sunday Workshops:

Fruit Tree Grafting 101
In this hands-on workshop, learn the art of grafting as well as the importance of preserving our genetic diversity and the horticultural legacy of Felix Gillet. The Felix Gillet Institute is dedicated to appreciation, preservation and propagation of heritage perennial plants from the Sierra.
Adam Nuber, Nurseryman, Felix Gillet Institute

Expanding Your Farm – Scaling Up to Profitability
Scale of operations is a key determinant of farm profitability. Scaling up requires increased production, more labor, and may mean different market channels. A larger farm increases time spent on the “business of farming,” so expanding your farm may change your role. Are you ready to scale up your farm? Explore the key considerations and practices needed for scaling up.
Cindy Fake, Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension   

Natural and Sustainable Beekeeping
Learn how you can become an ally to honey bees and other pollinators. Beekeepers, farmers, gardeners, government, businesses and citizens can support honeybees through cooperation. You will learn sustainable approaches to beekeeping and supporting the health of bees. Everyone is needed to help bees survive.
Cheyanna Bone and Si Thacker, Honey Bee Allies & Nevada County Natural Beekeepers

All About Wells
Learn how your well works, how to improve well operations, water quality, as well as understand groundwater and finding water for wells.
Evelyn Soltero, All About Wells, geo-scientist specializing in hydro-geology of Nevada County

Irrigating with Greywater
Learn how a greywater system can be installed to provide irrigation to fruit trees, perennials and more.  Get a virtual tour through several legal greywater installations in Nevada County, using water from the laundry, shower, tub and sink.  A well designed system can save you thousands of gallons of water every year.  Learn to get started with greywater or troubleshoot your existing system. County codes and permitting will be discussed.
Matt Berry, Certified Greywater Installer in Nevada County

Grazing Management for Soil Health, Carbon Fixation and Profitability
Learn about soils on rangeland and irrigated pasture in the Sierra Foothills and how grazing management can enhance soil health. We’ll discuss physical, chemical, and biological soil properties; estimating soil moisture; understanding the role of soil microbes; grazing management to enhance soil health which increases profitability. Soil health lab tests from the local area will be shared. Information on the new California Healthy Soils Initiative will be included.­­
Roger Ingram, Farm Advisor and Director of the UC Cooperative Extension Service in Nevada and Placer Counties, tireless advocate of grass grazing and ranch marketing for the last 30 years.

Permaculture Food Forests & Agroecology
Learn about food forests for local climates, and agroforestry- tree based no till perennial farming which can incorporate livestock and crops. Both tree systems are climate friendly, creating resilience by building soil, cleaning water, preventing erosion,  low maintenance and profitable once established.
Cathe’ Fish – Practical Permaculture, Professional Diploma of Permaculture Design, and Permaculture Consultant 

Organic Wine Making and Certification
Learn what it takes to grow organic grapes, and make it into delicious wine. Discussion will include USDA rules on organic wine and wine making, grape growing and wine making practices, and how to get certified.
Phil LaRocca, Board chair, California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Organic and LaRocca Vineyards

Experiential Marketing – Grow Sales and Attract and Retain Customers
With social media, marketing strategies are changing. Consumers no longer want to be sold to, they want to be part of a community that advocates for causes they take ownership in. Learn the most effective way to attract and retain customers with realistic strategies that small businesses, farms, and food producers can implement immediately.
Eric Bleau, Blue Oaks Ranch

Brewing Compost Tea for Increased Crop Production
Learn about the biology of compost tea and how to increase crop production by adding compost tea into your current nutrient program.
Brian Malin – Vital Garden Supply and Ian Davidson, Soil Foodweb Advisor

Raising Fruit in Nevada County
Understand the cultural practices of how to grow, train and prune fruit trees with an emphasis on apples and stone fruits. Learn what works and doesn’t work in Nevada County from the experience of four generations of Bierwagen’s (since 1902).
Chris Bierwagon, Bierwagon’s Donner Trail Fruit and Happy Apple Kitchen

Selling Wholesale- How to Tap into Local Markets
These local buyers will explain how they do their buying, their individual needs, and how local producers can get in. Javier will share strategies he uses to market his products from his 24 acre organic farm and keep his customers happy.
Shana Maziarz, Owner, Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.; Chris Kysar, Owner California Organics Market and Café; Gary Suchow, Meat and Deli Manager,California Organics Market and Café; Debbie Gibbs, Nevada County Grown Food Hub; Javier Zamora, farmer and owner of JSM Organics,

Raw Ditch Water Treatment for Irrigation
Make the most of your ditch water. Learn how to filter raw water for irrigation use, best use of gravity water systems, when to pump irrigation water, and tips on water storage.  Dan Wheat has owned A to Z Supply for 32 years has a degree in water utility science and worked 7 years with a city water agency.
Dan Wheat, owner, A to Z Supply

Training Livestock Herding Dogs
Tom will demonstrate several breeds of dogs working sheep, emphasizing the differences in different styles of working and discussing how to adjust to your dog’s style so your dog can best help you. He will also cover basic commands you and your dog need to know.
Tom Wade, local permaculture farmer, and farm dog trainer, Bluebird Farm

Heritage Pigs in Annual and Perennial Cropping Systems
Learn the fundamentals of raising pigs outside (and without a barn!). Topics will include fencing, breeding and farrowing outdoors, and pasture/cropland management. Discussion will also include breed selection and raising pigs to Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) standards.
Paul Glowaski, Dinner Bell Farm

Fermentation for Health
Fermented foods have a long history in many cultures around the world. Learn the art, culture and health benefits of fermented foods with slideshow, hands on and demonstration.
Shan Kendall, Gold Country Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation

Cover Crops for Annual and Perennial Production
Learn practical aspects of using cover crops and green manures to enhance your annual and perennial crop production and pastures. With over 40 years of experience, Amigo will discuss which cover crops and timing are best for different climates, growing conditions and crops, as well as for different uses such as building soil nutrients vs. weed and pest management.
Amigo Bob Cantisano, Organic Ag Advisors

Electric Fencing for Animal Protection and Pasture Health
Electric fencing is revolutionary because it is easy to move, allowing targeted grazing which produces healthy soil, healthy lush pastures leading to healthy livestock, as well as predator control for a variety of farm animals. Brad has been using electric fencing on a commercial scale since 2006.
Brad Fowler, The Goat Works and Fowler Family Farm; Karen Henderson and James Drew, of Live Wire Products in Penn Valley, who brought electric fence technology to the US from New Zealand in 1975;  Colin Anderson from Tru-Test in New Zealand.

Compost Production for Maximum Soil Foodweb Content
Learn the basics of small-scale compost production for maximum fertility, with  extremely high numbers of beneficial microbes developed over 20 years of hands-on research and study with Dr. Elaine Ingham.
Alane O’Rielly Weber – 2001 Soil Foodweb Certified Advisor, teacher of San Mateo County’s Master Composter Program

Integrating Medicinal Herbs into your Farm or Garden
Add an income stream by incorporating medicinal herbs into your farm or garden. Learn which herbs are in demand, how to grow and process them for sale to the HAALo Herb Shoppe in Nevada City, and opportunities for making and selling value-added products.
Kay’aleya Hunnybee, herbalist, gardener, The HAALo Herb Shoppe