Farmer Scholarships

To honor and support those who work hard to grow food for the community, we offer scholarships for aspiring and established farmers who want to build their skills but can’t afford the full ticket price.  If you are a beginning or developing farmer, BIPOC or a member of another group that has been historically marginalized, we encourage you to apply and join us! We also offer scholarships for active military or veterans interested in a career in farming or ranching.


Scholarship application deadline is February 16th.  To have lunch included in your ticket, you will need to be registered by February 16th.  The scholarship applications are reviewed daily

Questions about the Scholarship process:

Farm Conference Scholarship Application

  • If you don't have a farm website, please include a link to your Facebook page or other online listing (ie farmers market website).
    If more than one identity, please list all that apply in the other category.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.