Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsorship Opportunities
Connect your business with over 600 regional farmers, ranchers, gardeners, homesteaders and foodies by becoming a conference sponsor.  Please download our 2020 Sponsorship Packet for more details.

Sponsors of the Sustainable Food & Farm Conference boost their brand recognition and help disseminate education about the benefits and latest techniques in sustainable agriculture through internationally recognized, dynamic speakers.

Become a proud sponsor of this movement and help inspire more sustainable-minded farmers, gardeners and foodies! For more details, email Stephanie Stevens or call 530-265-2343.

Exhibitor Opportunities
As a sponsor or exhibitor at the Sustainable Food & Farm Expo, you will have the opportunity to showcase your food and farm-related business or organization on Saturday, February 8th, the busiest day of the conference.  Exhibitor tables are set up in the Main Hall, where conference-goers arrive for registration and spend their time between keynote presentations to buy refreshments, eat lunch, and attend the Expo.  All keynote presentations are live-streamed in the Main Hall, so as an exhibitor, you don’t miss out on the content of the conference! The Expo is open to attendees from 8 am – 4:30 pm.


This is one of the best events like this we have attended.  The raffle and the stamping of the conference passports was a great way to get people by our booth, and we were thrilled with the video display of the presentations out in the Expo area.” -California Solar Electric Company

I spent two times as much for another conference held in Sacramento.  I had far less traffic at that event.  At the Food and Farm Conference, I was able to open some eyes.” – Tehama County Recycle Services

Exhibitor space in the Food & Farm Expo is prioritized for conference sponsors.  A limited amount of spaces are available for purchase. For more details contact Stephanie Stevens.

Conference Attendees
Last year, the conference hosted over 600 lively participants.  About 60% of conference attendees are active farmers, with about 40% being aspiring farmers and/or homesteaders.

Geographically, about 90% of conference participants are from Northern California, with about 60% from Nevada County.